What is Super Lutein?


Super Lutein is a COMPLETE health supplement for your best health. It contains all the carotenoids from fruit and vegetables with added fish and wheatgerm oils. Just 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily gives you the equivalent nutrients of 4 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables in 6 colours of the carotenoids.

SUPER LUTEIN is possibly the only nutritional supplement specially designed to both help protect your eyesight and maintain your overall health. Called the “miracle supplement” by many, it has continued to break sales records in the Japanese market since its launch in 1999. And here’s why:

As you age, nutrients that are vital for protecting your eyesight are used up. This is because your eyes are constantly under attack from UV rays and blue light in sunlight, which continue to grow stronger in parallel with ozone layer depletion. UV rays and blue light are also emitted from manmade sources such as computer monitors, office and factory automation equipment, televisions, portable electronic devices and fluorescent lighting. What’s more, in today’s digitally oriented society, the amount of information digested visually is on the rise, and people are experiencing more stress as the result of fast-paced lifestyles, longer working hours, poor dietary habits and less time to rest and sleep. All of these factors contribute to eye fatigue.

These extrinsic and intrinsic factors can trigger oxidative processes in the body, leading to macular degeneration and premature aging. SUPER LUTEIN delivers a well-balanced formula that helps protect your eyesight and keep your entire body’s oxidation levels in check.