What is Izumio?


IZUMIO is mineral water with extremely high content of Hydrogen added making it the water in the current global market with the highest Hydrogen content in the world at 2.6 million parts per trillion (ppt).

Hydrogen is a well known powerful antioxidant that repairs DNA in cells and attacks free radicals at mitochondrial cell level. Being the smallest atom in the chemical chart, Hydrogen is able to repair cells where conventional medicine cannot reach.  Hydrogenated water refers to water that is rich in hydrogen, that is IZUMIO.


How is IZUMIO manufactured?

IZUMIO is manufactured with cutting-edge technology: Membrane Dissolution that dissolves Hydrogen into the water.

Aluminium film Packaging

IZUMIO is packaged into Aluminium film packets that help prevent hydrogen leakage. It is a four-layer aluminium film package made from 4 overlapping layers of impermeable material that prevent outside air from entering as well as hydrogen from leaking out. To prevent foreign particles from entering the packet, the Hydrogen injection process is carried out in a safe and sterile environment.

Degassing Device

In creating IZUMIO, a ‘Degassing Device’ is used to remove the oxygen from water until the hollow fiber membrane is in a vacuum state. When water flows out, the oxygen in the water will be released through the pores of the hollow fiber membrane.

Air Intake Device

The “air intake device” injects hydrogen into the water through the Membrane Dissolution method. After the surrounding area of the hollow fiber membrane is filled with hydrogen, the de-oxygenated water will be released through the membrane, and at once hydrogen will be absorbed through the pores engineered into the membrane and dissolved into water. This Membrane Dissolution Technology is currently used in medical treatments such as artificial lung planting.

Stringent Tests
Various tests are being implemented following X-ray inspections at each manufacturing stage. Visual tests are implemented on water-leakage to block out any defective product. Only products that have passed all inspection processes are packaged and put out for sale. X-ray Inspections have been adopted to confirm that all impurities have been removed. X-ray inspections are carried out in conformity with the relevant regulations of FOOD SANITATION ACT. All IZUMIO products are tested for radiation before entering any of the countries worldwide.


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