About Naturally Plus: The A-Team in Malaysia

Japan is well-known worldwide for the longevity of its people, the quality and integrity of its products and an unparalleled level of customer service. In 1999, the first year SUPER LUTEIN was introduced to Japanese consumers, it had continuously broken sales records in the domestic nutritionalĀ supplement market. The makers of SUPER LUTEIN are a team of top Japanese businessmen known as Naturally Plus.

The Holding Company of Naturally Plus is UNIVA CAPITAL.

Naturally Plus came to Malaysia in 2009 but till today has only captured a small market of 30,000 of the predominantly Chinese speaking and reading market. The A-Team in Malaysia was formed in 2015 to bring the wonderful healing properties of these powerfully potent but completely natural antioxidants to the professional market so that more and more people reap the marvels of IZUMIO and SUPER LUTEIN.

The A-Team in Malaysia is a team of professional working women whose mission is to ensure that everyone has a chance at improving their lives whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally or financially. There is always someone we can help. If you would like to explore IZUMIO and SUPER LUTEIN further with the A-Team in Malaysia, please contact us at health@izumio-superlutein.com

The products are so amazing that they virtually are in demand. The cornerstone of Naturally Plus’s product engineering and technology lies in harnessing the power of nature with science. Each of our products is crafted to seamlessly complement your lifestyle needs and support overall wellness, happy and healthy living.