FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.   How much is it?

1 box of Izumio is RM435. The box contains 30 packets of Hydrogenated Water of 200 ml, each sealed in a vacuum packed easy to carry packet. This water is precious and will cleanse your entire system but give it a super booster charge but not before healing the most critical illness within your body, sometimes even one that you are unaware of.

1 bottle of Super Lutein is also RM435 for 100 capsules of pure, natural carotenoids straight from the best organic sources of fruit and vegetables around the globe still in its natural liquid state forming a powerful antioxidant for the body. Super Lutein has been endorsed as Japan’s top cancer and chronic prevention supplement and helps boost the body’s immunity. The product is made without fillers, additives and harmful binding agents that usually add load to your kidneys and liver over time.

2. How often and how much should I consume?

Although the Super Lutein Bottle suggests 2-3 capsules per day, it really depends on your individual body and health history. If you have a particular health ailment to heal, we would suggest a higher dosage until you heal, and then to drop your dosage back to what we feel is optimal for your body. For a free consultation on dosage that is prescribed just for you, please contact us.

3. Are the products safe?

Is drinking water and eating fruit and vegetables safe? The products are manufactured with ISO9001 quality control and have been awarded with GRAS from the US FDA. They have zero side effects and one can consume as much as they want (within reason) and still be OK. As a benchmark, cancer Stage 4 patients take an average of 30 capsules per day.

4. Is there a way to consume them cheaper?

Absolutely! The best way to reduce your consumption cost is to help the company by referring this great product to everyone you care about. For every 2 people you refer to the company to get a package of 12+2 products, the company will reward you with some bonuses in cash.


If you have any new questions, please suggest it in the comments below and we will attempt to get them answered as soon as possible.